About Us

At Chance to Study, our mission is to give Scottish children a better chance.

Through the work we carry out in local communities, including families, carers and other charitable organisations, we strive to promote the education potential of disadvantaged young people across Scotland.

We believe that every child, no matter their background, should be able to learn, develop and fulfil their true potential. The projects we support aim to alleviate the damaging effects that financial hardship, disability, illness and other socio-economic factors have on young lives.

Our society lottery is promoted under the umbrella of the Scottish Children’s Lottery. Alongside the other charities in the scheme who operate as the participating society lotteries, we are supported in rotation by the initiative. In the draws from which Chance to Study benefits from the Scottish Children’s Lottery, we receive 20% of all revenue raised from tickets sold.

To find out about prizes, proceeds and grants, visit the More Information page on the Scottish Children's Lottery website.

Chance to Study is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (charity number: SC046178).

Our other charities

We’re proud to be one of the four charities to benefit from the funds raised by the Scottish Children’s Lottery.

All of the good causes established as part of the scheme focus on providing help to those children who need it most, wherever in Scotland they are.

Each charity is dedicated to improving a particular area of welfare, from domestic poverty through to education, right through to promoting citizenship and nurturing employment skills in young adults. Together, we can make a real difference.

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